The Summer Begins

Back in the saddle. I mowed the lawn, sprayed weeds, trimmed the blackberry bush, and planted pumpkins. Though our last snow just melted, (I finally unplugged the roof heat tape), it feels like we are skipping spring and launching straight into summer. The days are certainly getting longer. None of my spinach or peas have sprouted, but they should come any day. The apple trees are full of blossoms, so I’m hoping for a good crop come fall.

Sewing with the new machine is progressing. I got out an old pillow sham and using it for an example, I made a couple of them out of left-over material to go with my quilt. Even though I’ve made binding for six quilts now, I still had to watch You Tube videos to remember how to make binding for the shams. You’d think it would stick one of these days.

My girlfriend came over and wanted to know “what does this button do (on the new machine), and this one, and this one?” In order to answer her questions, I had to get out the manual. What are friends for, right? “Old dogs, new tricks” comes to mind. At least I now know how to do a couple more pretty cool things.

So right now I’m researching solar options and cabinet makers. I’d love to hear your input and experiences with either of those. This renovation will be a long process with many, many little pieces to the puzzle. Kind of fun though, or it will be if I can get started. The tenant is supposed to move out by the first of next month. I’m in hopes. 

I watched my granddaughter “graduate” from pre-school. I can hardly believe that little peanut will start kindergarten in the fall. On top of that, my second oldest grand will start middle school, and the youngest starts pre-school. Egads!  

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