Summer Schedule

I can hardly believe that spring has zipped away from me like a hummingbird. I am trying to relax today, before jumping back in the car and driving away again. I’ve loaded tile, hoses, birthday presents, a shop vac, etc. Packing will have to wait until all the clothes I’ve washed are dry and put away. In the meantime, I mowed the lawn, raked up more leaves from last fall, and taken my walk. I’m loving this warm – but not too hot – weather.

We’re hoping there will be a chance for a short camping trip in the second half of August. Otherwise, the summer is full. Demo is nearly done on the renovation house, so now it’s a matter of patience until construction can start. At least with the walls down, I can now visualize my plan. Pretty exciting!

Have a great summer! Be kind to each other. Share some smiles. They don’t cost you anything, but they can sure make someone’s day.

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