Things We Don’t Forget

It’s been a while, but here I am again. I’m not driving back and forth between houses for a few weeks, and that seems to be giving me a chance to catch up. This morning, I even got to take a decently long bike ride, the first this year. I’m hoping I will get my kayak out soon but for the time being, I’m dog sitting my grand dogs (they are busy chasing squirrels in the back yard) and prepping for the annual community wide yard sale. I do appreciate the chance to clean out unneeded items without trashing them. Filling up the dump is not my idea of earth stewardship. Up-cycling, recycling, etc. All good.

I have a garage full of doors which are soon going out to the renovation house, only to be replaced by a pickup full of flooring. The appliances are coming in and there is no place to put them as of yet. Then comes the kitchen cabinets. Yikes! I might need to rent a temporary warehouse. I’m trying to coordinate and time the arrival, but then some things have started coming in ahead of schedule. I don’t want to complain, happy to get what I paid for, but it has complicated matters. My being gone quite a bit this summer isn’t helping either, but I’m not giving up my trip to France, so I’ll just have to deal.

Three of my grandkids are playing baseball this summer. I hate missing those games. The little midgets (three year olds) are the cutest, funniest kids to watch as they learn how to swing, and then how to drop the bat and run instead of standing still in amazement that they actually hit the ball! I adore watching them. The bigger kids are learning how to field the ball. Very impressive. It all takes me back to second grade when I pitched the ball and the batter hit it right back to me, smack dab in my face. I’m amazed that I didn’t loose a tooth from that. Some things you never forget!

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