Barbara Tyner


Barbara loves writing! She was born in Grand Junction, Colorado, and continues to reside in the state. Barbara has three children and five grandchildren. She loves photography, kayaking, and hiking in America's National Parks.

A founding board member of Grassroots Foundation, she helped build a community center, park and health clinic in eastern Colorado. She served as Executive Director of the center when it opened. After retiring from ranching and farming, Barbara went back to school to pursue her passion - literature -earning a BA in English from UCCS, and writing her first novel, "Wait Here, Wait There."

Along with her daughter, she co-authored the popular children's book series, The Badger Books, five wonderful adventures on a farm.

Her third novel, Compass Point, is now available for pre-order. You can also read more of her writing about everyday life on her blog: and get her tweets @BarbaraKTyner.