Wait Here Wait There


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Is it the ghostly touch, the memory of a long forgotten near-death experience, or Clay’s new friendship that is the missing piece of the puzzle in Janet’s recovery from grief?

Grief is one of the things we are not taught to deal with in American culture. It is an enormous process that few of us are prepared for. In Wait Here, Wait There  the main character, Janet, stumbles over one of the most crippling aspects of grief, fear. While trying to deal with the fact that her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, Janet finds herself deep in an emotional quagmire, unable to find the peace and healing she so desperately seeks. Alzheimer’s, an impossibly cruel disease because of its cognitive debilitation and hopelessness takes a devastating toll on families and caregivers. In Wait Here, Wait There, author Barbara Tyner shares from her own experience  the importance of working through grief, guilt, and fear in order to reclaim a healthy life.

““This novel is interesting with some romance, a little mystery…and most of all a realistic view of what families go through caring for loved ones who suffer Alzheimer’s disease.””—June Ruyle, Book Review Editor, The Lamplighter